Seahawks Snubbed: Are We Too Good At Home? The Seattle Seahawks only get one prime-time game this season, which is a low number for a popular team and defending Super Bowl champ.
Confident Seahawks Fan Gets Super Bowl Champs Tattoo
Jim Harbaugh's Wife On PleatGate: It's Not My Fault
49ers Fans Need Instructions On How To Cheer
Callahan’s 30-Second Hawk Recap – Week 2 [Video]Lynch went all Beast Mode on those clowns from San Francisco and the 12th Man set a world record. Clearly the weather delay had no effect on the Hawks or the crowd.
Callahan's Hawk Preview - 49ers Edition [Video]Callahan sets the record straight for the upcoming Seahawks-49ers game. Her prediction? You gotta watch.
Hawks Bet: Losing QB Has To Shave Off One Eyebrow [Video]
This Man Could Be A Po-Po?!JACK needs to tell you something. You know that bro in a 49ers jersey you'll see on Sunday -- ya know, the one you think will be givin' you the stink eye? DO NOT confront him.

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