Dumbass Of The Day: Murderer Butt-Dials Intended Victim
Dumbass Of The Day Wears Ankle Bracelet While Committing Crimes
Dumbass(es) Of The Day Tell Police When They Plan To Commit A Crime
Dumbass Of The Day Sets His Wife On Fire
Shoplifting Mom Steals Candy, Leaves Baby Behind
Dumbass Of The Day: Guy Shoots Heroin While Driving, Crashes Into Cop Car
Paddle Boat = Not A Good Way To Escape From Cops
Dopey Deputy Busted For Selling Pot From Squad CarAtlanta-area deputy busted for selling marijuana out of his squad car, while wearing his uniform and carrying a gun. What could go wrong?
Dumbass Of The Day: Car Gets Towed With Kids InsideA Houston dad is JACK's Dumbass of the Day because he left his kids in the car in a no parking zone, and the car was towed.
Dumbass Of The Day: Guy Parks On Beach, Tide Floods His Car [VIDEO]A teen driver left his car to go for a picnic and when he returned, the tide had come in and the car was flooded.

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