NEWS FROM THE WORLD OF FOOD: Golf Ball Hashbrowns, Unicorn Barista, and Grass-Eating Drunk [Videos]Whiny Barista Here! Grass Eating Drunk Here! Golf Ball Laced Hash Browns Here!
Caution: Drunk Partridge --- David Cassidy Arrested For DWI
Dumbass Of The Day: Really Drunk Woman Does The Unspeakable On Cop CarJACK's Dumbass of the Day: The woman who got so drunk she thought pooping on a cop car was an acceptable thing to do.
Ad Attempts To Shame Us Into Drinking Responsibly [VIDEO]Graphic images of drunk driving car crashes and scary statistics don't seem to work, so the maker of Smirnoff and Captain Morgan is trying a new approach to get people to drink responsibly: embarrassment.
After Reese: Kelly Osbourne And Celebs Talk About Getting Sober
'Moonshiners' Star Arrested For Public Drunkeness
Drunk And Singing Bohemian Rhapsody In The Squad Car
Only In Kentucky... Man Gets DUI At Demolition Derby
Caffeine Doesn't Help Sober You Up, It Makes Things Worse
Five Things You Shouldn't Do at the Office Christmas Party

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