A new report says that households making $72,000 in King and Snohomish counties are now officially considered ‘low income.’ That’s a family of four. Click here.

Super successful race car driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. is retiring — that’s at the end of the 2017 season. Click here.

Now on sale, clear plastic jeans… for only $100!

A Bank of America ATM in Wedgwood – north of the university — dispensed a fake $20 bill on Monday. The woman getting the cash said she got one tattered bill. After a further look, she said the bill was clearly and stupidly fake. President Andrew Jackson’s face was wonky and the dead giveaway– it said for ‘Motion Picture Use Only.’  B of A says this is crazy that this happened – okay, I’m paraphrasing – but they will now report this to the Secret Service.

If you want a job where you drive up and down the freeways, saving the lives of folks by pulling them over if they’re doing dumb stuff, then now is the time to become a Washington State Trooper because they just got a raise –
New troopers will go from $56,000 to $65,000 a year
New sergeants go from $86,000 to $103,000 a year.
New lieutenants go from $101,000 to $121,000.

Apply here. Cadet testing coming soon. Good luck!


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