1.18 Callahan’s News: Beer Yoga, Shower Beer… Marshawn Takes On A Bus… A-Rod’s New TV Show

This morning’s beer news:

Item 1 Beer Yoga — It’s an hour-long session of yoga where you drink a bottle or two of beer at the same time. The beer drinking is incorporated into the yoga poses— Take a look at the Huffington Post -there’s a photo of folks balancing beer bottles on their heads …

Item 2 Shower Beer — a strong pale ale in a small 6 ounce bottle that you can drink while standing in the shower. The brew can also be used as a hair conditioner — you can buy a case of shower beer for a lot of money off a website in Sweden.

Beastmode news!

On a wet Scotland street, Marshawn Lynch heads down the street, pops a few wheelies – and gracefully swerves out of the path of an oncoming bus at the last moment… Wow! now you can see a Skittles bag on the front of Marshawn’s bike, so this may have all been for a commercial – but so what, the stunt is pretty breathtaking..


A-ROD has a new TV show. Alex Rodriquez, the former mariner who was released by the last August with more than a season left on his $325 million, 10-year contract, is hosting a new CNBC show – where he guides financially distressed athletes. In “Back in the Game,” Rodriquez and other mentors will assist one cash-strapped ex-athlete looking to land a job or build a business. Alex Rodriguez says he regrets that bizarre 2009 photoshoot with Details magazine.


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