Richard Sherman — at his press conference yesterday, the topic was how he was arguing with his coaches about a play during last Thursday’s game. Then 710’s Jim Moore decided to poke the bear: (11th minute)

Then, as Sherman was leaving the presser, he said to Moore, “You don’t want to go there. You do not. I’ll ruin your career.”
“You’ll ruin my career?” Moore asked. “How are you going to do that?”
“I’ll make sure you don’t get your media pass anymore,” Sherman said.
“Is that right?” Moore asked.
“Yes,” Sherman said, walking away. “Yes it is.”
Listen here:

Sherman apologized on Twitter after practice.

He said his next tweet would be more fun and it was:

4 Seahawks are Pro Bowlers
Four Seahawks have been selected to represent the team at this year’s Pro Bowl in Orlando. Defensive ends Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett, cornerback Richard Sherman and linebacker Bobby Wagner will make the trip to play in the annual exhibition. It is Avril’s first time being selected to play in the game. This is the second consecutive year Bennett will be in the Pro Bowl and fourth straight for Sherman. Bobby Wagner has gone every year since 2014. The game takes place on January 29th at the Citrus Bowl.
The feel good story! Richard Sherman and his finance Ashley Moss have provided Christmas gifts for 38 families in our area.
Thanks to Q13 for the story…

Celebrity News
capture13 12.21 Callahans News: Richards Heated Press Conference, Barefoot Bandit Foiled Again...
Guess how much Alec Baldwin gets paid every time he impersonates the president elect on SNL… $1400. Story here!

Gamora (Zoe Saldana) and Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy (Courtesy Marvel Entertainment)

Gamora (Zoe Saldana) and Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy (Courtesy Marvel Entertainment)

The Lake Stevens Boys & Girls Club, which is expected to open this spring, is being named in memory of Dan Pratt. His youngest son is actor Chris Pratt who grew up in Lake Stevens. Chris as been raising money for awhile and just yesterday presented a check to the Boys & Girls Club for $500,000 — he wanted the club to be named after his dad – a pillar of the Lake Stevens Community. Full story here.
Colton Harris-Moore
Colton Harris-Moore –the “Barefoot Bandit” — the kid who stole a lot of items, including airplanes, tried to start up a go-fund me page to raise $125,000 so he could go to flight school. On the site he said “Now I am 25 years old, free, and ready to (fly) LEGALLY!” Federal probation officials shut down the go fund me page since Harris-Moore still owes victims of his crimes about $129,000 in restitution. Story here.


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