Terry Home: Helping Those With TBIs In Washington

Here’s a letter I got from Deborah Hopen, a listener, which pretty much sums up the way our public affairs show works:

“I was listening to your program on Jack this morning, and I heard your request for input on people working with charitable organizations. I immediately decided to email you to tell you about a fabulous local charity and its indefatigable leader.

“The charity is Terry Home, and it involves two local residential homes for people with traumatic brain injuries. The first Terry Home has been in operation for many years, and it is located in Pacific. The second Terry Home opened in 2013 and is located in Auburn. In addition to the residents who have suffered traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) through accidents, the new Terry Home also has specific openings for veterans with TBIs. There is much more I could share with you about this wonderful charity, but I want to keep this message reasonably concise.

“I do want to mention the president of Terry Home, Myla Montgomery, however. Myla is the organization’s president, and she has been involved since its inception. Terry Home is named for Myla’s nephew, Terry Norma, who suffered a TBI when he was just 18. At that time, there were no facilities that offered the appropriate blend of care for Terry’s situation—he did not need to be in bed full time, but he needed more care than could be provided well in a home. Myla teamed up with her sister Mary, Terry’s mother, to create a new facility, and today the fruits of their efforts are apparent as you visit the two facilities and chat with the residents. Myla leads a seemingly tireless group of volunteers who assist with the constant fund-raising efforts, and she chairs the Board and works with the staff on an almost daily basis. Her efforts are truly worthy of recognition, and I do hope you will pursue contacting her and learning more about Terry Home. This organization, and its leader truly are shiny examples of how people in the Northwest can and do take care of each other!”

Without further ado, here is my conversation with the indefatigable leader of Terry Home, Myla Montgomery:



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