Trent Reznor, along with his composing partner Atticus Ross, is now a GRAMMY-, Golden Globe- and Oscar-winning creator of soundtrack music for films — and he sat down with CBS This Morning (owned by the parent company of on Saturday to discuss his work on Gone Girl, this weekend’s No. 1 film.

Not surprisingly, Reznor found his third collaboration with director David Fincher an exercise in getting inside other peoples’ minds.

“What I learned working in film is that my job is to be in service to the picture,” Reznor said. “If I’m writing for Nine Inch Nails, my end result is trying to get this idea I have from my head into your ears and make that connection. In film we adopted this strategy of trying to get inside David’s head.”

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It’s not only the director who the duo attempt to personify, however. Reznor goes on to explain they want to enhance the characters and pull off some sonic Jedi mind tricks on the audience.

“In this case, read the book [and] read the script; spent a lot of time with David… asking him what he was looking for,” Reznor said. “What textures, not only sonically, but what was the role of music? How manipulative can we get with music?”




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