This kind of music bastardization happens all the time.. just think California Raisins and Marvin Gaye.

Now, local-boy-made-good Macklemore has given permission to King County’s Wastewater Treatment¬†Division to take his song, Thriftshop, and make it into something ugly. Even worse, to have the fun uber-hit associated with the act of visiting the toilet. Gack.

But, according to the Seattle Times, we Western Washingtonians have been flushing too much junk down our commodes and costing the county a bunch of money. Which is funny, because as the Times says, this ad campaign racked up nearly the same amount for the county.

So here it is, in all its wasteful glory: ‘Flushing Awesome’, from The KC Wastewater Treatment Division. Here’s their blurb, too:

This catchy video from King County’s Wastewater Treatment Division has an important message about “flushing awesome”. Because anything you flush besides toilet paper or human waste can harm the sewer system and cost you money. So, help protect our beautiful Puget Sound by keeping wipes and trash of all kinds out of the toilet.¬†


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