Congratulations, stoners! July 8, 2014 will go down in Washington State history as the first day you can legally buy cannabis sativa, or cannabis indica, or a selection of hundreds of hybrids.

For your convenience, we’ve got the list of Washington stores at CBS Radio.

A few things to know:

You have to be 21 to purchase.

You still have to imbibe in your own home.

You cannot drive under the influence of marijuana.

You don’t have to have a medical marijuana card. If you want it for recreational purposes, and do not have that medical marijuana card, you cannot buy pot in a medical marijuana store.

You cannot take your pot over the Canadian Border (they sent us an email).

You can legally buy an ounce, but most stores will not sell that much today – more like a few grams. Why? They want to make sure everyone gets enough.

Related: Seattle’s only legal pot store might not open until noon on today.

Edibles (like ye olde pot brownie) are not available for purchase yet. The state is still working on getting that regulated.

Every kind of entrepreneur is getting in on the act. There’s a guy in Longview is making a cannabis infused coffee drink. And there’s been an App for finding legal pot, and now the folks at Leafly have added all the stores in Washington. Leafly will also tell you what kind of strains are best for you. Sativa or Indica, depending on if you want to get relaxed and sleepy, or up and energetic, or just super stoned. Be careful out there.

Cy Scott, Co-Founder of the Leafly App, has all the legal pot answers:

(Photo by David Ryder/Getty Images)

Even more pot FAQs here.

– Lee Callahan



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