Longview Entrepreneur Promises A Great High With Cannabis Coffee (Interview)

Adam Stites, founder of Mirth Enterprises in Longview, Washington, is a man with his finger on the pulse of the burgeoning marijuana industry. He’s making a┬ácannabis-infused coffee drink for our friends who imbibe in the morning (the “Wake-And-Bake” gang) and a bubbly pot drink to relax with at night. These brews are part of his new ‘Legal’ drinks selections, due out in July.

He’s become quite the expert in all things pot as he’s been dealing with the WA State Liquor Control Board to make sure he’s doing it all on the up-and-up. He uses either a Sativa or Indica dominate strain to get the desired high (head or body) in each drink. A ‘Head-High’ is best for the morning coffee brew. And, Adam assures us that there just 20 milligrams – the perfect amount – of THC (the psychotropic ingredient in pot that actually gets one high) so that his drink ‘Legal’ is a great place to start in the morning. He doesn’t want “folks to have an unpleasant experience who are just getting into cannabis.”

Where will Adam get his pot? Why, the newly licensed pot growers of Washington State, of course. He has no doubt after being a part of this industry for the last six months, that they will be very busy farmers.

We promised to have Adam back when his company grows larger and we can visit the factory, where I imagine a scene from the opening credits of Laverne and Shirley, hard at work amongst the many bottles passing by.

Hear the entire interview here:


(‘Legal’ image provided by Mirth Enterprises)


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