#Tweetdoc Sessions: Russell Wilson

Sometimes our favorite artists and athletes tweet things that we don’t always understand.

Thankfully, our very own JACK “Twitter psychologist,” the #tweetdoc, is here to answer all of our questions and give us invaluable insight into the minds of today’s brightest stars. To get started, we turned to some tweets from the biggest celebrity in Seattle: Russell Wilson.

On May 17th, Seattle darling Russell issued the following tweet:

Our resident JACK psychologist (#tweetdoc) breaks down Russell’s 9-character threat to the entire NFL:

“The use of a single word makes it clear that Russell wants the reader to really focus on the word’s meaning. The word ‘grateful’ comes from the latin gratus, meaning ‘more at grace.’ More importantly, look at the time stamp here: Russell sent this tweet – or rather, this warning cry—at 8:16 on May 17th. May 17th is the 137th day of the year, and 1+3+7 is 11. And who plays for Seattle at #11? You guessed it: Percy Harvin.

“Other famous, historical May 17th events? The  horse ‘Blue Man’ won the Preakness Stakes (in 1952), and the Phillies beat the Cubs with 11 homeruns.”

Upon finding more samples, we asked the psychologists to look at a few more of Russell’s tweets.

“Russell is clearly making his own commentary on the plight of the human connection. There’s a sense of loneliness here. Here he is, thousands of miles from his home in this steel tube that’s traveling 600 miles per hour. These strangers are trapped in here with each other and they have a real — if fleeting — chance to connect. To listen, touch and learn. Yet all are struggling to isolate themselves by getting lost online, searching for a human connection and feeling of importance they would get if they just turned to the person next to them. It’s an irony that so few see. So few, that is, except for Russell. He sees this. And he lets us know how he feels.”

We’re always #grateful the #Tweetdoc is here to answer any and all of our questions about what’s really going on inside the minds of our favorite icons.

Check back for new patients from the #tweetdoc.


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