In Seahawks-related news, Russell Wilson spent hours of an evening he can never have back bowling with pop star, paparazzi-magnet and Canadian, Justin Bieber.

The Biebs was in Seattle on Sunday, May 4th for a church event (who knew the kid that allegedly spits on people, gets into brawls, urinates in mop buckets and drag races while under the influence was so devout?). Later that evening, Bieber joined the Seahawks QB and another man — the church pastor, Judah Smith — at Lucky Strike Lanes in Bellevue.

The gang tweeted this photo (NSFW):

It’s not that Russell Wilson can’t hang out with whomever he chooses — we’ve always applauded Wilson’s efforts to reach out to his community and we certainly aren’t dogging him for hanging out courtside with celebrities like Beyonce and Jay Z, or appearing on late night talk shows. You do you, Russell.

It’s that Justin Bieber has a long track record of bad behavior (especially considering the singer is just 20-years-old) and call us bias, but Russell seems like a genuinely good guy that Seattle fans are happy to stand behind. After all, as Seattleites, we like being the underdog. We like being hipsters. We like new iPhone updates. Justin Bieber is none of those things and plaid or no plaid, suffice it to say he’s hard to like.

Why couldn’t Russell just go bowling with the lead singer of Fleet Foxes? At this point, we’d even accept a bowling trip with Selina Gomez.

Anything you want to add, Seth Rogen? (Warning: following Tweet has offensive language)

Thanks, Seth… and sorry about that Canadian jab back there.


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