It’s so easy to love the guys who cause a stir on professional football teams when they’re on YOUR professional football team. I’d bet that about 98% of Seattle-ites and Washingtonians love them some Richard Sherman. However, have you been wondering how much of the outside world does not agree with you?

Following his rant against San Francisco 49ers’ Michael Crabtree, and after his public apologies, poor Richard is still not fairing that well nationwide. According to a series of polls:

57% are calling our Pride of The Seahawks post-game comments Sunday “not cool.” (Do you know the whole story, man? Do you know what Richard said to Crabtree, huh? Do you?)

43% think his ‘outburst’ was “funny” or “entertaining.”  (But absolutely necessary, man.)

Once again, despite his apology:

72% aren’t convinced of his sincerity. (You people just don’t KNOW him like we do.)

57% expect to hear more “trash talk” from Richard in the next week before the Super Bowl even happens. (We hope so!!!)

Only 33% of people across the country call themselves fans of Sherman.. (Feel the love, people! We’ll take you in!)

And, dammit, 43% admit they “don’t like him.” (Fine, we don’t like you either.)

25% of people say they don’t have a strong opinion of him either way. (Flatliners.)

Another poll must be taken now that the mic’d up Sherman tapes are out and once everyone finds out that Richard simply said, HELL OF A GAME. HELL OF A GAME, to Crabby McCraberson.

To be continued. Love will conquer all!

Callahan, Jack FM


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