Ron Burgundy’s Memoir Is Non-Fiction, According To Costco

Costco may be a little confused about what constitutes a work of ‘non-fiction’ (based in reality) and what constitutes ‘fiction’ (someone made it up).

An observant shopper is calling out the retailer for filing Ron Burgundy’s “memoir” as non-fiction, according to the Los Angeles Times. (If you’ve been living under a rock or in a coma for the last decade, Ron Burgundy is the fictional news anchor played by Will Ferrell in the much-anticipated sequel, Anchorman 2.) The PR geniuses behind the marketing for the film just released his book titled, “Ron Burgundy: Let Me Off at the Top! My Classy Life & Other Musings.” The “misleading” synopsis on does read: “The autobiography every true American has been waiting for: a shockingly candid and raw confessional from a national treasure.” If Amazon says it’s an autobiography, then who’s going to argue?

The fiction label was also apparently applied to the memoir “12 Years a Slave,” which is about an actual free black man who was sold into slavery. It’s also a movie now. (Maybe the movie thing is what’s confusing Costco book labelers?)

The giant retailer also caused a bit of controversy last month when a pastor tweeted a picture of the Bible labeled as fiction. Whether that was an error obviously depends on your religious leanings. But we can all safely agree that Ron Burgundy is a movie character and therefore his ‘lifestory’ is made up (fiction)… right??


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