Oh Boy! Another On-Air F-Bomb [Video]

Is there ever a good time to drop on F-bomb on live television? Nope, never, ever, never. And, this poor but pretty stupid reporter from a Detroit TV station is most likely without a job now.

Why such harsh repercussions? Two Words: Janet Jackson. Ever since the infamous wardrobe malfunction when her nipple flashed across America’s TV screens, everyone in the media industry is under the FCC’s microscope.

Years ago, at another and much meaner radio station, I had the misfortune of accidentally playing a Green Day song on the air that contained a moment of Billy Joe Armstrong saying “F**k You.” My coworker froze and could not hit the DUMP button soon enough. (All stations run on a 7 second delay for such situations, and a DUMP button can take out the previous 7 seconds for you, IF YOU HIT IT.)

Down to the bosses’ office we were marched. They painted a bleak scenario where we would be fired and fined by the FCC. But we lucked out. No one caught it, no one complained, no one was fired. But I was never really happy again with management after that supportive chat. But Detroit did see it, and taped it, and unfortunately for this news reporter, she is so very busted.

By the way, the ┬ásong was a cover of John Lennon‘s Working Class Hero, on a tribute album called Instant Karma: The Amnesty International Campaign to Save Darfur. Why would someone effing swear in the middle of this saintly album? Hmmm?

Lee Callahan, Jack FM, Seattle


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