Surely we can all relate to temporarily forgetting where the car was parked. Now add in a trip to Oktoberfest and a forgetful brain and you’ve got trouble. A 40-year old man misplaced his car at Oktoberfest in Germany… for five weeks.

According to Germany’s The Local, Andreas was so excited about the beer he was about to drink that he didn’t think to make note of where he parked. He hopped on a train to the Oktoberfest grounds, and started drinking. By the end of the day, not only had he forgotten the specific train line he took, he also forgot the name of the street where he’d left the car. Apparently there are eight different entrances to the festival and even more trains.

He rode all the trains he could, searching for familiar landmarks. He even hung “missing” posters up around the city offering reward money to anyone who could reunite him with his car. He told police his car was “somewhere in east Munich,” according to The Local. This, unsurprisingly, turned out to be very unhelpful information.

Did we mention this guy came from Italy? So, he eventually had to leave Germany to go home, the whereabouts of his car still a mystery. He made three return trips to Germany over the next month until a Sherlock Holmes finally turned up a clue. Someone read about his story in a newspaper, then spotted the missing vehicle. Andreas was reunited with his car last week.



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