By now you’ve probably heard stories about crooks and idiots getting busted after posting information about their crimes on social media.

Now some dumbasses in California have evolved into the next breed of stupid criminal. According to WTLV, four morons in Rocklin, Calif. (outside Sacramento) broke into some cars ┬áSaturday night and stole wallets and electronics, then went to a burger joint and charged $120 worth of greasy food to a stolen credit card. No, that’s not even the dumbest part.

The very observant manager of the fast food place told police one of the idiots may have posted a picture of the break-ins on Instagram. (Getting dumber…) So police checked it out. Sure enough, these geniuses had not only put up pictures of their crimes on Instagram, they also let everyone know they’d be back the next night for more shenanigans.

Armed with a description of the car from the fast food restaurant, all police had to do was wait for the criminals to follow through on their promise. And they did. When police saw the car roll into a parking lot Sunday night, they busted three men and a minor for burglary and possession of stolen property. If only there were a charge for generally being a dumbass.


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