To some, Facebook is synonymous with frustration. Perhaps it is because everyone we know is thrust into our faces via some fancy algorithm crafted by Mark Zuckerberg himself. It’s the unfiltered broadcast of everyone’s every thought, action, and life event is overwhelming to the point of annoyance.

Huff Post recently posted an article on the behaviors we find most aggravating on Facebook. Here are 9 posts that will certainly annoy anyone on Facebook:

1. The “Living The Life” brag. These are the boasts aboutvacationsicon1 Are You An Annoying Facebooker? or promotions. While we want to rejoice in your happy moment, it reminds everyone else that we are still trapped in average drudgery.

2. The “humble-brag”. You’re not really bragging, but you are pointing out something. Maybe you post a complaint about inappropriate flirtations of the opposite sex in order to draw attention to your devastating good lookings. You’re not fooling anyone, you know.

3. Relationship/PDA statuses. No one wants to see your mushy posts about how much you love your “boo.”

4. The cryptic cliffhanger. Don’t post a tease about a “big day” and not pay off with what’s going to happen. That is, unless you’re fishing for comments asking about what is so big about this day in particular.

5. TMI Updates. You really needn’t post your every move on Facebook. Doing the dishes and going to the bathroomicon1 Are You An Annoying Facebooker?doesn’t necessarily qualify as compelling status updates.

6. The public-private message. Private messages shouldn’t be posted on public walls. Don’t ask someone to hang out on their public wall unless you want 20 other people to join you for drinks this weekend.

Continuing reading the article from Dallas Jack here.


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