‘Mad Men’ Is Making Cigarettes Cool Again, Study Says

It seems all the gains made by anti-smoking campaigns over the last few decades are slowly being snuffed out by the ultra-cool, chain-smoking, alcoholic characters of one very popular tv show.

According to the U.K’s The Telegraph, ‘Mad Men’ has led to a boost in sales for Lucky Strike cigarettes. Who could have predicted that?

The head of the British Lung Foundation is quoted in the article giving some very deep insight into human nature, “It’s long been suspected that many people start smoking because they consider it ‘cool.” Yes, that’s very scientific doctor, thanks.

So here’s the real basis for the article: apparently when the AMC show started in 2007, Lucky Strike was selling about 23 billion packs of cigarettes a year. That number jumped to 33 billion so far this year. Nevermind the fact that Lucky Strike was still selling tens of billions of cigarettes before ‘Mad Men’ even went on the air. That’s a heck of a lot of cigarettes, and those numbers only account for one brand.

Here’s a suggestion for next season, Hollywood producers. If you want to help counteract the supposed ‘Mad Men’ effect on smoking rates, the good doctor at the British Lung Foundation suggests, “That instant brand recognition would soon die out if the cigarette packs people buy in real life look nothing like the packaging they see on the screen.” Yep, that makes sense. People buy cigarettes because the packages are so pretty.


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