Science is getting ever closer to proving that women are tougher than men (and by science, we mean Twitter.)

A recent analysis of lots and lots of tweets made all around the world found that men whine waaaay more than women when they’re sick, according to the Daily Telegraph. All these dudes are suffering from what’s become known as “man-flu.” Translation: men get the regular flu, but are just big babies about it.

Dudes in the UK seem to be the wimpiest, complaining about being sick more in more than 50,700 tweets sent between January and July of this year. American men, you aren’t much better, firing off more than 30,500 whiny tweets this year. That’s compared with only 1,960 tweets from women in the UK and 1,340 tweets from American women.

You don’t even need to do the math. The people with the medical degrees sum it up pretty well: “Men and women suffer the same symptoms but women are often better at dealing with them,” Dr. Craig Dalton told the Telegraph.

All the ladies on staff here at JACK would just like to say: it’s time to man up, guys! (But we do hope you feel better soon.)


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