Here’s how this story starts (courtesy of the UK’s The Sun): Ollie was about a month away from marrying his sweetheart Clair. Then one day, as the happy couple was driving along a country road, a frightening group of masked men with bats and smoke bombs jumped out of the woods, pulled Ollie out of the car and threw him in the back of a van. (This all took place in England, by the way, not Pakistan.) The men tied ole Ollie up, gagged him and basically scared the s@*# out of him for about 100 miles.

Fast forward two hours- the guys pull over and reveal themselves to be Ollie’s best friends. The jerks decided to surprise him with a bachelor party prank. And the fiance Clair was in on the joke. Poor Ollie didn’t think it was too funny. He got so stressed out from being kidnapped by his best friends, he got shingles. Doctors told him to stay clear of dear, sweet Clair and because of his quarantine, he almost missed the wedding.

Despite what you may think, Ollie and Clair still tied the knot and the traitorous friends were still invited to the wedding.

Those dudes better watch their backs though; Ollie told The Sun he won’t forget this little prank and promised “future vengeance.”

With friends like these…

Check out video of the prank here.


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