We here at Jack are very proud to play Pink Floyd on our airwaves. And, yes, we do crank it up when we’re in the studio, but we have soundproof rooms. Sometimes it leaks through, and our payroll clerk will march in and complain a bit. Well, one British man took “turning it up to 11” a bit too far. And way too often.

The UK’s SWNS.com says Paul Foster was finally jailed this week after repeatedly ignoring an injuction that banned him from playing his music really, really loudly.

It was the fifth time he’d ignored the court order, while neighbors said it was  “a nightmare,” living close to Foster. One said he likes “Pink Floyd as much as the next man, but not when it’s being played ten times a day until 4:00 a.m.”  Wow, that is late, or is that early?

Another neighbor says Foster has lived in his home for over 20 years, and the noise problem has been “going on for years.”  That neighbor adds that sometimes Foster would switch up to loud versions of  Marvin Gaye and Barry White at all hours of the night, but “it was mainly Pink Floyd.”

Foster was hit with a new injunction in January, and also sentenced to 21 days in jail and a suspended one-year jail term. In February Foster faced a judge again for violating the injunction, and after admitting to more violations he began a 63-day jail stay on March 20th. He was cited yet again on May 30th.

What would you do with a neighbor like this?


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