Now we’ve all heard of some pretty crazy diets- Cave Man, Baby Food, Master Cleanse, Juice diet… just to name a few. But a Seattle woman’s new meal plan takes the cake. (Well, you can’t have cake if you’re on a diet, sorry.) Naveena Shine has decided to defy nature and live off of only water and sunshine for 6 months. That’s right, she’s only drinking water and sunbathing. She does know this is Seattle, right? Sunshine is pretty limited here. (You can hear her talk about this crazy idea over at CBS Seattle).

People certainly do some insane s@*# to lose weight, but this “diet” isn’t for vanity. Shine claims she wants to prove “humans do not need to eat in order to survive.” Ya, take that Biology! Apparently this is her way of saving Planet Earth, since in her words: “if humans did not have to eat, we could turn our planet back into a place of beauty.”

She’s obviously lost her marbles, and also allegedly 20 pounds since beginning the diet in early May. Sounds like a decent weight loss plan if you stop right there, but the “side effects” of this diet include puking up bile, getting dizzy while standing up and freezing cold hands and feet. Um, no thanks. Cutting out carbs is hard enough. And at JACK, we like eating cake way too much.

-RA, JACK Seattle


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