Breaking Bad” Star Reports Stolen Top-Secret Script

At least one person outside of the cast and crew of AMC’s “Breaking Bad” now knows the fate of Walter White after last season’s cliffhanger episode. According to Albuquerque station KOAT, the show’s star Bryan Cranston reported a theft to police, saying his bag – containing his iPad and a copy of a “Breaking Bad” script – were stolen from his car on March 1st. Court documents have revealed that one of the actor’s employee’s received a tip-off from an anonymous do-gooder who said they’d overheard a man at a local bar bragging about having found the script. On Saturday, a man named Xavier McAfee was arrested for the crime. But the script is apparently still missing. An investigation is ongoing. “Breaking Bad” will conclude its final season this summer.

And now we have…. Breaking Bad Merch:

Shopkeepers in Albuquerque are taking advantage of the popularity of “Breaking Bad” by selling things inspired by the show — even candy. Debbie Ball owns The Candy Lady store. She sells blue “Breaking Bad” meth treats, which is made of sugar rock candy that looks like the meth sold on the show. She says she’s sold 20,000 bags at $1 apiece. She also gives her own “Breaking Bad” limo tours with a driver dressed as Walter White. The Rebel Donut pastry shop sells “Blue Sky” Breaking Bad doughnuts, which are decorated wtih blue rock candy. And the Great Face and Body shop sells a line of blue bath salts called “Bathing Bad.”


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