Stevie Nicks Recalls Relationship, Substance Abuse Battles On “Oprah’s Master Class”
Stevie Nicks says she knew early on that using cocaine was a bad idea. On OWN’s “Master Class,” the Fleetwood Mac frontwoman recalls coming to the realization back in 1980, well before she ended up going to rehab.

Nicks explains that her turning point came in 1986, when she went to a plastic surgeon and learned her nasal passages were so badly deteriorated that if she ever used cocaine again it could kill her. She says she immediately went home, got her affairs in order, and checked herself into the Betty Ford Center. But Stevie says her substance abuse battle didn’t end there. She says she knew she didn’t have a problem with alcohol but those around her were concerned, so she went to doctor who put her on Klonopin, which turned her into a “couch potato” for the next three years. It took her a 47-day hospital stay to recover from the medication.

Nicks adds that her music helped get her through it all, even though it created challenges in her personal life. She says in the early ’70s she and Lindsey Buckingham were in a desperate situation trying to make it as a duo when they were invited to join Fleetwood Mac, but even then Lindsey was reluctant to sign on. She explains that Lindsey saw the two of them having a family and growing old together, and he blames the band for breaking them up. But she says they also knew how important Fleetwood Mac was, and even as their relationship was falling apart they never even considered leaving group. Fleetwood Mac will be back in action this year. The group will head out on their first tour in three years this spring, kicking off the trek in Columbus, Ohio on April 4th.



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