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Dear Governor Jay Inslee, Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell,

As you know, the bureaucrats of the little state of Massachusetts are battling over issues dire to their communities: What Should Be The Official State ROCK Song?

In contention: Aerosmith’s  “Dream On” V.  The Modern Lovers’ “Roadrunner” Full Story on that explosive story here

Okay, enough about them, what about us Washingtonians? Granted, we have an UN-official State Rock Song – Louie, Louie, which was covered by The Kingsmen, which is cool, since they’re from … PORTLAND. But there’s gotta be more and dare I say it, better, rockage since that tune of 1963.

We know we have a state song -Washington My Home – and a state folk song – Woody Guthrie’s Roll On Columbia, Roll On – but we, the hard-working crew at Jack FM, throw these stellar tunes up for your consideration.

Queensryche’s Jet City Woman: They’re from here! The song says Jet City!

Sir Mix-A-Lot‘s Posse On Broadway: From here, and up on Capitol Hill.

Duff McKagan’s Seattlehead – The G’N’R rocker loves his hometown.

Young Fresh Fellows’ Aurora Bridge.

Jimi Hendrix‘s Spanish Magic Castle: An ode to the old nightclub by SeaTac airport,  where Jimi played before he got famous…

Jay, Patty, Maria? Are there any great Washington-ish Rock Songs that we haven’t included? We’ll ask our listening audience, too. Please, all, just comment below! We’ll get this done, I know it.

Yours truly,

Lee Callahan, with the help of Scott Vanderpool, CBS Radio, Seattle.


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