First and maybe least, there was Honey Boo Boo, straight out of rural Georgia — a reality TV spin-off from “Toddlers and Tiaras.” The mini pageant star introduced a vocabulary of her own – “redneckognize,” “seximous” — all Honey homegrown.

Stephen Colbert launched a comedy-driven Super PAC. But what started as a lark raised a million dollars, in fact. Entertainment crossed politics and became fully immersed.

Clint Eastwood made a stir with his convention chair kitsch.

Meatloaf sang for Mitt, but his delivery was off pitch.

Robert Pattinson moved out after Kristen Stewart’s big reveal – a fling with her director. That broke the deal. The two are back together, or at least so it seems.

The same can’t be said for Heidi Klum and Seal. Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise also ended in divorce. After almost six years together, the marriage ran its course.

Buckingham blushed over Prince Harry’s state of undress.  Not so forgiving, were the royals of holiday living.  Prying publications got a legal- regal ripping.  Kate Middleton took a chance sunbathing topless in France.  Promises to sue came quickly with harsh reviews.

“Sesame Street’s” Elmo lost his longtime puppet man. Kevin Clash the puppeteer had a messy scandal on his hands.

The “Today” show broke ranks with co-anchor Ann Curry. The dismissal made headlines for its unceremonious hurry.

Six seasons after debut, “Jersey Shore” was ending. The party was over and Snooki was planning a wedding. Snooki had a baby.

So too did Beyonce. Her baby Blue Ivy made her debut in January.

This was the year Brad and Angelina got engaged.

Things were looking up for Lindsay Lohan in the court system. But it wouldn’t be long before legal winds resumed twisting. Accidents and lies put Lindsay on the outs with police. There was a scuffle with a congressional aide who was arrested but then released. Her movie portrayal of Liz Taylor was panned; days later an assault arrest – New York club mayhem.

Katt Williams lost his mind in Seattle. Amanda Bynes also had legal troubles;  both with assault and DUIs made headlines in multiples.

Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj built drama for “American Idol.” The judges weren’t getting along in a video that went viral. Others worked together and came as so for a cause. The triple-12-day concert featured Kanye and “The Boss.”

There were goodbyes, times over, for many a fallen star. Etta James, Don Cornelius – among those who did depart. The sudden death of Whitney Houston was worldwide news in February. Whitney’s departure on Grammy eve weighed heavy on the minds of many.

Davey Jones and Donna Summer also left us this year. For Robin Gibb and Andy Griffith many shed a tear. Movies and TV miss Ephron, Scott and Hagman. And New Year’s Eve parties won’t be the same without Dick Clark among them.


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