“Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes” Raises The Bar

We all remember what a giant turd the 2001 reboot of Planet of the Apes with Marky Mark was. So naturally many were apprehensive about an “Apes” prequel, despite starring Hollywood’s cool cat James Franco and Gollum. We saw it and have to say, we were pleasantly surprised.

The graphics stand out partly because the lead chimp is played by Andy Serkis, the weirdest looking guy in Hollywood who can do a great ape impression. Instead of manifesting a purely digital ape, the filmmakers put a CGI suit on Serkis and had him act. This adds a real human element to an otherwise highly animated film.

Also, the movie is pretty straight-up badass. The action scenes (and there are plenty) are lightning  fast, plausible and scary. The plot is strong, relevant and well-thought-out. Unlike the original movies, there’s not a boring moment throughout; unlike the remake from 10 years ago, Rise of the Planet of the Apes is actually good.

Here’s the trailer, though it doesn’t do justice to how good the graphics are.


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