We have a team on the ground of Comic-Con bringing us the latest, greatest and smelliest news from the world biggest fan convention. Check out their first day on the floor.

Comic-Con.  A sanctuary and safe-haven for every comic freakazoid….literally.  San Diego’s annual exhibition is unlike you’ve ever seen.  Simultaneously, it’s also everything you’ve witnessed through TV, music, books, films, video games, anime, cartoon, and of course, comics.

Walking from its outskirts in, you’re distractedly curious by every cape-wearing, thematically decorated patron of the street.  The concept of costume is prevalent, de rigor for the time and place.  Take a right, you’ll find a group of men garbed in neon green spandex from head to toe.  Take a left, there’s a dozen “Wilfreds” barking in the streets amongst a herd of Comic-Con enthusiasts.

Yeah, we found our share of the unfamiliar and bizarre, but welcome faces such as Colin Farrell, Elijah Wood, Penn & Teller and Jon Favreau roam the sidewalk just like any other citizen present for the sole purpose of unraveling their inner geek.

It’s not hard to observe the festiveness of the time – imagine a world where geeks, exhibitors, stoners, pop culture aficionados, and your typical San Diego rage together as one.  Yeah, that’s Comic-Con.

Toss aside any preconceived notions you had of Comic-Con, the “geeksanity” that runs amok down here is off the charts.  Just stroll down any street in downtown San Diego, and the unexpected will present itself for you, it’s spirit leaks through every crevice down any avenue.  It’s a fantastical display of proud and elaborately garbed comic nerds, and the epicenter for anyone who has a breath of geek in their body.  The closer you walk towards the convention center, the more human (or non-human) traffic you hit within every pace.  First stop was the real life reconstruction of South Park.  Perusing around we found a life-sized construction of South Park Avenue, a museum full of original artwork, a variety of contests, and South Park themed karaoke.  Yeah, we even got our arms spray painted with beloved South Park characters such as Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo and Towelie.

img 0324 e1311353525466 Comic Con 101: Sights From A Noob (Day One)

After some dinner in the Gaslamp District and late-night patrolling down the streets, we got news B-Real of [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Cypress Hill[/lastfm] was going to be performing just across from our hotel.  We pulled up to the venue, caught B-Real in the parking lot along with San Diego’s native reggae band [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Subliminal Trip[/lastfm], and strolled inside.  What we found was a festive scene that included people and music lovers of all races, intertwining to a reggae groove, or an old-school beat.  Some attendees got their kicks by gyrating upon each other with helpless ease.  Yeah, that medical green stuff was pretty much ubiquitous, either in sight or smell, and smoke signals were rising from just about every pocket of the crowd.  With B-Real behind the turntable, its not only fitting to see such things, it should be an absolute necessity.

img 3444 Comic Con 101: Sights From A Noob (Day One)

After a late night set by Subliminal Trip, we headed back to our rooms, weary eyed and perhaps a bit overwhelmed.  But this is only day one, and we’ve got two more days ahead of us.  All of the comic book splendor is just beginning, and I can’t wait for what’s next.


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