Listen up, scofflaws: starting yesterday, Seattle Police will start affixing technologically-advanced boots on cars with delinquent parking tickets.

The crackdown is in effect. From the Seattle Times:

The city estimates $26 million is owed in a backlog of scofflaw citations, and booting will recoup an estimated $3 million in the next two years.

In other words, this is a big problem, and desperate times call for desperate measures. While the crackdown is serious, there will be some leniency; for instance, if you return to your car as the officer is applying the boot, they will take it off. So, if you think you’re lucky, good luck.

The boot teams will roam city streets Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Edwards said. Police opted not to use boot teams on weekends to save on overtime pay, he added.

Get the idea yet? They’re trying to save/recuperate money here. But these aren’t your good old-fashioned big-hunk-of-metal boots you can disassemble with a pair of pliers.

To remove a boot, violators call New Jersey-based PayLock on its 24-hour hotline and pay the ticket costs, penalties and fees by credit card or other means. The company then provides a code to unlock the device.

After that, the driver has two calendar days to return the boot to one of five drop-off locations, or a daily late fee of $25 may be added to the bill. Failure to return the boot, or damaging the boot may cost the driver a $500 replacement fee.

To save money, you have to spend money. May this be fair warning to you White Whales out there.

(See below video to get the reference.)


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