jj1 Jesse James Talks Sexy Time with Sandra and Kat

Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

You know what’s classy: talking smack about your ex-wife’s sexual prowess. Jesse James, as we all know, is one hell of a classy guy.

While recently promoting his memoir, American Outlaw, Jesse was asked of his two famous significant others, who is better in the sack,“One hundred percent, [Kat Von D]” James replied. Woof.

He even alluded to the fact that if she were to follow in his footsteps, he would be cool with that.  ”She’s a vixen. If she cheated on me, I would forgive her and still love her,” he concluded.

Then he started talking Sandra, no longer about her bedroom skills, just about his own inadequacy, “She could stand there in front of the world and say she loved me, but in my mind I was thinking, ‘Yeah? Bulls**t. You don’t love me. I’m just some biker kid,'” James said.

He then went on to talk about how awesome Kat Von D is, how she’s in his head and that’s why the sex is so awesometastic. James concluded by talking about how she stood by him when everyone hated him for being a giant jerk to Sandra.

In his memoir he discusses talking to Bullock about his affairs, ”I admitted the affair. I told her the hard details. I let her know that I had never loved this woman, that I had never cared for her at all,” James wrote.“The feeling of shame and sadness that washed over me as Sandy began to cry was almost beyond measure… I didn’t touch her. I sat frozen in my chair, watching, as Sandy’s small body shook with sobs.”

Well, I’m sure she’s not feeling much better knowing your new fiance is 100% better in bed than she is.

Jesse you just keep on digging that hole.

What do you think about James and his big mouth? Let us know in the comment section below!


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