Babies trading stock and pissing off Lindsay Lohan? Golden toilets and sledgehammers? Monosyllabic reptiles?

The Super Bowl usually delivers some pretty classic commercials. Let’s check out some of the best from annals of history…ha!…………..annals…

Budweiser frogs– 1995- You remember how huge this was? Budweiser released an entire LINE of Bud Frogs clothing and merchandise after this hit big. And then this happened…

Cindy Crawford Pepsi– 1992- Excuse me. I  need to go change the pants I wasn’t wearing.

McDonalds Jordan vs Bird– 1993- The two NBA legends play a game of horse for a Big Mac. After Bird, Michael Jordan also destroyed the Charlotte Bobcats.

E*Trade Baby….Lindsay?- 2010- Oh the E*Trade babies. This commercial got them sued by Lindsay Lohan because uh..well….hell I have no idea why she sued them come to think of it. What a bitch.

Terry Tate Office Linebacker Reebok– 2003- I’ll admit it. I’m a sick bastard. I like watching other people get hurt. This commercial is in my sadistically hilarious Hall of Fame. First ballot.

Bud Light Fist Bump Replace– 2007- Now there could be any 1 out of 100 Bud Light Super Bowl Commercials that’s your favorite. This is mine. I told  you I like watching people get hurt.

Doritos Hands Off My Momma– 2010- Another one from 2010. AND another one where somebody is getting slapped in the face. VICTORY.

Mean Joe Green Coke– 1979- This commercial would have been a WHOLE LOT better, IMO, if Mean Joe woulda chucked that glass bottle at that little kid instead of his jersey.

Career Builder Koala Punch– 2009- I notice a theme here. Don’t you?

Budweiser Zebra Jackass– 2003- One of my personal favorites of all time and it doesn’t include ANY violence. Impressive.

Electronic Data Systems Cat Herders– 2006- Do I need to say anything other than “cat herders”?

Cash For Gold Ed McMahon and MC Hammer– 2009- This makes the list because it was just so….unexpected….and awesome. I now own that same Gold Sledgehammer. Thanks Stanley.

Vote in the poll below for your favorite and if you think I missed one, mention it in the comment box below!!


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