108233245 Sundance Film Festival 2011

Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Its that time of year, where movie lovers everywhere bear the frigid cold in Utah to check out up and coming filmmakers and their latest projects. Here are some you should keep an eye on…

“Project Nim”: From the guy who brought you “Man On Wire”, this movie tells the story of Nim, a chimp raised as a human.

“Meek’s Cutoff”: Michelle Williams play Oregon Trail. Can she make bonnets hot again?

“Higher Ground”: Vera Farmiga’s directorial debut.

“The Future”: Miranda July in a movie about the failing relationship of a 30-something couple.

“My Idiot Brother”: Paul Rudd stars as the lazy brother of three overly ambitious sisters.

“The Greatest Movie Ever Sold”: Morgan Spurlock, the man from “Super Size Me,” takes on the world of product placement with a movie funded my product placement.

“Like Crazy”: Like, really hard. This movie tells the story of a young couple that meets in college and then has to endure a long distance relationship when one moves back to the UK.

“Red State”: Kevin Smith’s latest project.¬†Oh, and he’ll be auctioning off the rights. Put in a bid on Sunday.


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