guy eating bien stephenson Nine Out of Ten Americans Think They're At Least "Somewhat" Healthy Eaters

Bien Stephenson/ Flickr

This might be a pretty good hint why Americans keep getting chubbier and chubbier . . . you know, other than because it’s the most delicious and sexy way to live our lives.
According to a nationwide survey by “Consumer Reports”, a full 90% of Americans, or nine out of ten of us, think that our diet is at least, quote, “somewhat healthy.”We’re wrong.

For example the survey found that 43% of Americans drink at least one full-calorie, full-sugar soda, coffee, or tea every day.  26% of people who are dieting say they have one of those every day.

42% of people don’t eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables every day . . . and even the people who do don’t always eat healthy vegetables.  For example, 61% of people eat potatoes at least once a week.

And 22% of people said that they don’t eat breakfast every day.

36% of the people who took the survey were overweight, and 21% were obese.  About 33% of the people who said they had a healthy weight were actually in the overweight category.


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