vacation darcy norman Few Americans Taking Vacations

D'Arcy Norman/ Flickr

What do you mean you are working? No Holidays vacation? Neither here. Compared with other countries at least other non-sweatshop countries our vacation time sucks.
Even worse we’re so darn scared of losing our jobs that we’re not even maxing out the scraps of vacation time our companies give us.

In Italy, the average person gets 42 paid days off.  In France it’s 37, Germany it’s 35, Canada it’s 26.  Here, it’s only thirteen days off.

According to a new survey from a research firm called Ipsos, only 57% of Americans use all of their vacation days.  That’s fewer than three out of five of us.In comparison, 89% of people in France, or nine out of 10, are using ALL 37 of their paid days off.

In France, business basically shuts down in August so everyone can go on vacation.  In the U.S., we sort of shut down for the week between Christmas and New Year’s . . . sometimes.

The main reason Americans waste vacation days is that they’re afraid of losing their jobs.  We’re scared that if we step away even for a second, someone’s going to cut our job or find a cheaper replacement.

There’s one bright side:  At least workers here are more willing to take vacation days than workers in Japan.  They get an average of 25 paid vacation days  but only 33% of people use up all of their allotted time off. 

So, how many days of vacation you had in 2010?


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