Researchers Have Figured Out the Most Boring Day In History

bored scragz Researchers Have Figured Out the Most Boring Day In History

scragz/ Flickr

In the 24-hour news cycle we live in, it’s hard to imagine a day without anything exciting happening. At the very least, an athlete or a politician somewhere is going to get busted for cheating on their wife.
But it hasn’t always been like that. And researchers at Cambridge University in England decided they wanted to figure out the single most boring day in history.

So they developed a computer program where they dumped in databases of news, facts, births, deaths, business, sports, and major events from 1900 until now . . . and calculated the day where the least stuff happened.

And the most boring day in history is . . . April 11th, 1954. On that day, there were no major events.  No one significant was born, or died.  Nothing happened in politics, international news, or sports.  Really . . . nothing happened.

We wanted to make sure they were right . . . and according to every website we checked, the most exciting person born that day was either Turkish scientist Abdullah Atalar, or Chris Difford of the band Squeeze.As for the most newsworthy events . . . someone named Marlene Bauer won the LPGA New Orleans Golf Open and Belgium held a general election.  In other words . . . this computer program may have a point.


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