One Out Of Five U.S. Divorces Now Involve Facebook?

wedding cameron nordholm One Out Of Five U.S. Divorces Now Involve Facebook?

Cameron Nordholm/ Flickr

Facebook is trying to ruin your marriage. According to a new survey by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, Facebook is now involved in a jaw-dropping number of divorces.

They say one out of every five divorces involves something that one or both of the spouses was doing on Facebook. Usually it’s a husband or wife finding signs of cheating on Facebook . . . like flirtatious messages or incriminating photographs.

Sometimes, though, Facebook-inspired divorces are happening because the site helps people reconnect with their old boyfriends, girlfriends, and “ones who got away.”

Once they get back in touch, the feelings come back . . . and in some cases, both people try to get out of their marriages to be with each other.

A full 80% of divorce lawyers surveyed said they’ve had at least one case where social media has been used as proof of cheating.  66% of those are Facebook, 15% are MySpace, 5% are Twitter, and 14% are other social media sites.


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