emoticons laihiu Which Emoticon Do People Hate the Most?

laihiu/ Flickr

A new survey by Mashable.com has finally revealed which emoticon people hate the most. And no, “all of them” wasn’t a choice.

The most hated emoticon is . . . a colon with a lowercase “p”, which vaguely looks like someone sticking out their tongue.  :p 46% of people say that’s their least favorite.

The second-most hated, with 39% of the vote, is the angry face emoticon . . . that’s a greater-than sign for angry eyebrows, a colon for eyes, and a left parenthesis for a frown.  😡

The classic smiley face . . . just a colon and a right parenthesis . . . came in as the third-most hated emoticon, with 8%.  🙂

The “confused” face, which is a colon with a forward slash, came in fourth, with 6%.  :/

What about you? Which emoticon you hate the most?


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