sandra and jesse frazer harrison 14 Biggest Celebrity Meltdowns of 2010

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Fox News has put together a list of the 14 Biggest Celebrity Meltdowns of 2010. Let’s say, the celebrities that kept us entertained with their crazy ways all year long…

And here are the Top 10…

10. Lil Wayne. Pleaded guilty to attempted weapon possession and admitted he had a loaded, semiautomatic .40 caliber gun on his bus after a Manhattan concert.

9. Washington Wizards Gilbert Arenas and Javari’s Crittenden. They drew guns on each other in the team’s locker room during a Christmas Eve dispute over a gambling debt.

8. Rip Torn. In January, Rip Torn broke into a bank near his Connecticut home while carrying a loaded firearm. You guessed right; he was intoxicated…

7. Paris Hilton. Hilton was busted with cocaine in her Chanel purse at the Wynn Hotel in Vegas in August. 

6. Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt. They filed for divorce in July. The petition was withdrawn in September. In November Pratt confessed that the “divorce” was staged. They also announced their intention to file for bankruptcy having racked up millions in debt, and in a desperate attempt for attention Heidi even underwent a dozen plastic surgeries.  

5. Andy Dick. He was arrested on two counts of felony sexual abuse after an appearance at the Funny Bone Comedy Club in January. Police stated that Dick groped two victims’ genital areas, and according to TMZ he reportedly attacked a third person who did not file charges.

4. Jesse James. “Monster Garage” sensation Jesse James cheated on Sandra Bullock when had a lengthy extramarital affair with stripper Michelle “Bombshell” McGee. Several other mistresses came forward, too.

3. Lindsay Lohan. She violated the terms of her 2007 DUI probation, went to prison and then ordered to go to rehab. Within weeks of her release, she tested positive for cocaine. She is now in Betty Ford until early in the new year.

2. Charlie Sheen. He pleaded guilty to abusing his wife Brooke Mueller on Christmas day last year and was sentenced to just 30 days rehab. In October, he was reportedly found naked and intoxicated inside a trashed hotel room, where he had reportedly been doing cocaine with a prostitute.

1. Mel Gibson. Earlier this year, numerous taped telephone conversations featuring Gibson embarking on racist, sexist and profanity-laced rants were “leaked” online amid a bitter custody battle with his former flame. Police are also investigating claims that Grigorieva attempted to extort money from Gibson to keep quiet. 

Who do you think should have made it too?

To see the rest of the list, click here.


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