axl rose 2 Axl Rose Is Suing Guitar Hero

Jamie McCarthy/ Getty Images

Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose is suing Activision, the company behind “Guitar Hero”, for “fraud, breach of contract and unjust enrichment,” among other things.

Axl is upset over the misuse of Welcome to the Jungle” in “Guitar Hero 3″.  Now, he did have a deal with Activision that allowed them to use the song, but he claims there were conditions in the contract that were ignored.

And interestingly enough, they involved promoting his former guitarist Slash. Basically, Axl is upset that the game “prominently features Slash imagery in direct connection” with the song.

He also says the game “exploits the prior association between Slash and Guns N’ Roses, promotes Slash’s and Velvet Revolver’s separate interests and includes Velvet Revolver tracks as available downloads, all of which was and is directly contrary to the contractual obligations.”(–Even though it’s Slash’s guitar work you hear on “Welcome to the Jungle”, he was long gone from the band by the time the “Guitar Hero” games started coming out.)

If that’s true, Axl might have a case, because Slash was plastered all over that game.  His image was on the box, posters, and he was even a playable character. Axl is seeking $20 million in damages.  Activision hasn’t responded to the suit.

Does it sound fair to you?


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