tsa john moore Today Is National Opt Out Day

John Moore / Getty Images

If you’re flying out of town today you might want to head to the airport YESTERDAY! Because you may find yourself face-to-face with lines like you’ve never seen before.

By now, everyone knows about the TSA’s new screening plan. About 20% of people will be selected for full-body scans that show what’s under your clothes. You can refuse and instead get a full-contact, intimate pat-down.

So a movement started online to make today National Opt-Out Day. That means: If you get selected for a body scan, protest by saying NO and make the TSA officer pat you down instead.

The thought here is that pat-downs take longer, about four minutes, versus the body scans that take 10 seconds. And if everyone’s opting out and slowing the process down, it will send a message to the TSA and the federal government.

The choice of today for National Opt-Out Day is no coincidence… the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is the biggest and busiest travel day of the year.

If you try to opt out of the full-body scan AND the pat-down you could be facing an arrest or a fine up to $11,000, though.

You can find more info about National Opt-Out Day on http://www.optoutday.com/

  1. Montana says:

    The crazies that called for the National Opt Out Day, don’t know what they are talking and the majority of our nation flew anyway. As soon as we get another terrorist attack these same crazies will be yelling that our government didn’t do enough to detect them. They have no ideas on what should be implemented instead of what is in place, but I am sure that will call this a victory. What a bunch of empty suits that are just real haters not debaters.

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