cat and dog win mcnamee A New Study Finally Answers the Question:  Whos Smarter, Cats or Dogs?

Win McNamee/ Getty Images

Here’s another missile fired in the never-ending war between dog people and cat people.  A new study out of Oxford University wanted to answer the question:  Who’s smarter, cats or dogs?

And the winner is . . . Dogs!

The study found that, over millions of years, dog intelligence has evolved faster than cat intelligence.  Dogs’ brains have grown relative to the sizes of their bodies much more than cats’ brains.

The researchers believe this happens because dogs are more social animals . . . cats are more loners.Other mammals who’ve evolved to be smarter also live in social groups . . . like horses, dolphins and camels.  Animals that live more isolated . . . like cats, deer and rhinos . . . haven’t seen their brains grow as much.

Dr. Susanne Shultz led the study.  She says, quote, “Dogs have always been regarded as more social animals [than] cats.  But it appears that interaction is good for the brain.”All dogs are quite good at solving problems.  Dogs descended from wolves which appear to have the biggest brains as they live in large family groups.”She says this also extends to other species . . . including humans.  Quote, “We are even more social than monkeys and apes and it’s this ability to get along with each other that has helped us dominate the planet.” 

Do you agree, are dogs smarter than cats?


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