robert downey jr gareth cattermole Robert Downey Jr.: Prison Didnt Help Me...

Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

Remember when Robert Downey Jr. was in and out of prison every other week as if he was Lindsay Lohan? Thank goodness he straightened himself up and brought us a good deal of great movies to make up for it!

Was it jail that turned him around?

Downey says “Jail didn’t help me any more or less than anything else.  But I know I created that experience for a reason, and I’m only just starting to understand those reasons…”

He also says that “a prison is just like a public school.  Did you ever go on a film set on location?  It’s just like prison.  Have you ever been in a bad relationship? It’s just like having a celly who wants to kill you. Have you ever been in a street fight?  It’s just like chow-time.  Have you ever been to a rave-up?  It’s like a yard riot.”

Finally he admits “I wouldn’t wish it on anybody, but it neither fazed me, nor changed me, nor informed me… but maybe it toughened me up a little bit.”

Did you know he can sing too???


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