Want to Know What Celebrities Are Going to be Wearing for Halloween?

halloween ethan miller Want to Know What Celebrities Are Going to be Wearing for Halloween?

Ethan Miller/ Getty Images

If you are going to wear any of the ridiculous Jersey Shore outfits, and still haven’t figured out what you’re going to be for Halloween, you better make up your mind quick. Or you can just copy what celebrities are doing.

AnnaLynne McCord:  “I have my entire group going as Alice in Wonderland.  I will be the white queen and [my sister] Angel will be Alice.”

 —Gavin Rossdale:  “I have a Batman outfit.  Don’t tell anyone!  Don’t give it away!”

 —Kim Kardashian:  “I have so many costumes I can’t decide!  My Princess Jasmine costume from last year or my Minnie Mouse that I was in Kindergarten [were my favorite].”

 —Kourtney Kardashian:  “I was thinking, maybe [my son Mason] could be Sebastian and I could be the Little Mermaid, but I don’t know.  Scott’s parents bought him a spider costume, so he’ll wear that at some point.”

 —Patrick Dempsey:  “I think I’m assigned to be a Power Ranger.”

 –Mark Salling:  “Some of the ‘Glee’ guys and I are talking about going as the Power Rangers.”  (–Mark plays Puck on “Glee”.)

 —Alyssa Milano: “I am a fairy every year.  This year I am going to be a Goth fairy and last year I was a garden fairy!”


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