Trends: Do You Really Want To End Weezer?

weezer Trends: Do You Really Want To End Weezer?

One disgruntled music fan has made it his task to bring Weezer to an end, but will the rest of you join him? As the donations trickle in for James Burns’ drive (offering Weezer a $10 million break-up bid) Trends check out whether listeners are really that turned off by their latest albums.

It’s too early for Hurley to make an impression on Weezer’s album charts, but it’s clear that your plays are spread a little thinner than Mister Burns might like.

weezer 001 Trends: Do You Really Want To End Weezer?

Make Believe, which kicked off the latest comeback cycle, has generated almost as many scrobbles as debut Weezer and emo classic Pinkerton, the album Rivers Cuomo famously disowned.

Of course the ‘Red’ album and Raditude are the pretty clear examples of the kind of thing the campaign is targeted. They’ve been critically panned and it looks like even their fans haven’t given them the benefit of the doubt; combined they don’t have as many plays as smash hit “Buddy Holly.”

Listeners, it’s up to you: if you want Weezer off of the airwaves then it’s time to put your money where your mouth is, that or start scrobbling.

Scrobbles are how you let know the music you’re playing. They can help build personalized chart and recommendations based on all the music you play. Find out more at now.


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