27 Inches of Awesome

There needs to be some kind of a Best Friend Application I can send to this guy:

edward nino hernandez 27 Inches of Awesome

The name is Bond, James Bond. Hey now, watch your step. (Credit: The Guardian)

The guy dressed in black is Edward Nino Hernández, 24, and he is the shortest man in the world at 27 inches tall. No, I’m not joking. It’s Guinness Book of World Records official, which is like being notarized with awesome.

Well, being super tiny isn’t all awesome: he has cataracts that blur his vision, his mother says he hasn’t grown since he was two-years-old, and, wait for it, “It bothers me that people are always touching me and picking me up.” That would bother me, too. Though it would bother me more that I’m nearly as old as I am tall. Really stupid things bother me.

Despite the fact that the distinction of being the world’s shortest person is kind of dubious, Nino Hernández really has a great attitude about the whole thing, as he has said in an interview that, “I feel happy because I’m unique.” It’s inspiring hearing things like that from someone I’m sure for whom nothing is simple.

Supposedly, he won’t hold the record for long, as a kid in Nepal is about to turn 18 and is several inches shorter than Nino Hernández. So enjoy your title while it lasts, Edward!


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