73723052 Sonic Boom! (Nearly Crapped Myself!)

Today was both an exciting, yet terrifying day in Seattle with president Barack Obama in town. Obama came to our fair pacific northwest abode to promote senator Patty Murray, and visit some local business’s in Pioneers Square. Your very own julianC (that is I) fled to Seattle in hopes of capturing a glimpse of sir Obama. Well, with unlikely demise, your very own julianC did not see the president, however he nearly s*** his pants when the cafe he was in on 2nd and Pike literally shook to the sound of an explosion. Well, we would later find out it was a sonic boom cause by some F-15 fighter jets out of Portland who broke some speed limits to get to Seattle in fear of a sea-plane in restricted airspace. (you can’t fly within a 30-mile radius when the president is in town). Well, those said fighter jets broke the sound barrier south of Seattle, creating a sonic boom heard all across the pacific northwest. Now, lets backtrack shall we? Before julianC knew about any of this sonic boom business, he was in the streets of downtown Seattle with some of his local cafe patrons wondering what in the hell had happened! People were looking up, and around with confusion and a hint of fear. It was one of those “you can hear what everyone around you is saying moments”, and everyone was saying, “omg! the president is in town, at the Westin, did a bomb go off at the Westin!”. It was a tad bit surreal, in a “what is happening to us” kind of way. We gave it 5 minutes, and with no sound of sirens, assumed it must have been something weird. Which in the end turned out to be exactly it, something weird. Sonic booms are weird things. The end!

(hey, if you have a sonic boom story, please let me know in the comment section!!! I would love to read it!)


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