joydivision Infamous Sex Pistols gig 34 years on

Joy Division

Thirty-four years ago today rock music changed forever. In a tiny hall in Manchester, England’s former industrial powerhouse, the Sex Pistols exploded onto the stage in front of fewer than forty people – or did they? The two gigs the band played within a few short weeks have become shrouded in legend. Who went to which one? Who played first? It’s even become the subject of books, films and TV documentaries in the years since.

The thing is, those forty people would later go on to form bands like Joy Division, The Fall, Buzzcocks, Simply Red and New Order. Even a young Steven Patrick Morrissey was there. Trends decided to dig a little deeper and find out who the most-played artist to come out of the shows really is…

5. Buzzcocks
6,145,125 plays (407,682 listeners)
Top Tracks:
Orgasm Addict“, “What Do I Get?“, “I Don’t Mind

4. New Order
20,522,978 plays (982,684 listeners)
Top Tracks:
Blue Monday“, “Bizarre Love Triangle“, “Ceremony

3. Morrissey
26,459,202 plays (734,615 listeners)
Top Tracks:
Everyday Is Like Sunday“, “Suedehead“, “First of the Gang to Die

2. Joy Division
39,321,144 plays (1,019,305 listeners)
Top Tracks:
Love Will Tear Us Apart“, “She’s Lost Control“, “Disorder

thesmiths Infamous Sex Pistols gig 34 years on1. The Smiths
57,768,994 plays (1,174,712 listeners)
Top Tracks:
There Is A Light That Never Goes Out“, “This Charming Man“, “Bigmouth Strikes Again

It’s probably no surprise that The Smiths come out on top. With a string of hits as well as the kind of indie-cred that still gets them cited as heroes, it would take a lot for another band to top their scrobbling success.

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