Health Advice from Ozzy Osbourne

101655414 Health Advice from Ozzy Osbourne

Christopher Polk Getty Images Entertainment

The doctor is in — Dr. Ozzy Osbourne, that is.

The Prince of Darkness has worn many hats in his day — rocker, reality show star, and author. Now, he’ll pen a health advice column for the UK’s “The Sunday Times Magazine.”

In related news, he’s releasing his upcoming studio album — “Scream” — next Tuesday, June 15th.  Here’s a sample of the new single:

More about the DOCTOR thing…
Osbourne says, quote, “I thought they were taking the piss, to be honest with you. But then I thought about it for a while, and it makes perfect sense. I’ve seen literally thousands of doctors over my lifetime and spent well over one million pounds on them, to the point where I sometimes think I know more about being a doctor than doctors do.” Osbourne adds that if people can learn from his mistakes without repeating any of them, then that’s what he hopes to achieve. The vocalist added, “By all accounts, I’m a medical miracle. When I die, I should donate my body to the Natural History Museum.”


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